Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One Less Thing to Worry About

Mary Jane was spayed today. I feel bad thinking she might feel we abandoned her. When we brought her in for her last shots it was clear she remembered the vet's office and did not want to be there. I can imagine she was not happy to go back to the vets and get left there! The vet did call and say everything went fine and that she would be sleeping most of the day. She also said she had been very close to going in heat so the timing was good. That is good, because the last thing we need around here is a litter of puppies! I tried explaining this to the boys yesterday, but they couldn't understand why we wouldn't want puppies.

I'm also a little worried about bringing her home tomorrow. The boys are anything but gentle with her. I guess if they see she has an "owie" they will leave her alone though.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Thankgsiving Post

Our long weekend was very quiet, with wonderful weather. I did get out on Friday morning for a little shopping. The best deal for me was not an after-Thanksgiving doorbuster, but a pair of maternity jeans on clearance at Target for $6.97! I really needed them too. Also at Target I got Spiderman 2 and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for 3.98 each. I also found Mary Jane a Christmas collar with bells and lights that actually lights up. She loves me for that, hehehe. It was in Target's $1 section, they have a whole bunch of Christmas stuff for pets. Bath and Body had all their Wallflowers for $5 until noon so I picked up some of those. Anyway, I'm sure your all just at the edge of your seats reading about my shopping experience.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

As has become my Thanksgiving blog tradition, here is my cheesy Thanksgiving poem:

You Have Your Hands Full

You have your hands full!...Why yes we do!
We're quite enamored with our wonderful crew.

You have your hands full!...I'd have to agree.
Boiusterous boys is our cup of tea.

You have your hands full!...I'll give you that.
At least with all this running, i'll never be fat!

You have your hands full!...Smile and nod.
We think it's perfect, though some think we're odd.

You have your hands full!...Are you talking to me??
They're not even all here, this is only three!

You have your hands full!...Happily, yes!
And for our "full hands', we feel enormously blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Monday, November 20, 2006


My youngest sister made this for me 11 years ago in her Finnish class. Kiitos means "thanks" in Finnish. It's one of my treasures.*

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday! There were several Christmas gifts I was supposed to have finished by now. Most are not even started. Now i'm going to have to really get motivated or switch plans.

We will be having Thanksgiving dinner with just us. We did this last year and it was actually really nice. Of course this means that I have to prepare everything. Oh well, everything we like to eat is pretty simple to make. It would be nice to be with more family, but Jeremiah has one of those jobs that doesn't exactly stop for the Holidays. In fact, it tends to get busier! I plan to get some shopping done early Friday! I know it's crazy-busy but I love it.

Right now, my goal is to remember whatever ingredient I forgot (never fails) before Thursday morning.

*In case you can't tell, it says "My sister Amy in college. She'll be home to see me at Thanksgiving" My name is spelled wrong, but she was only in kindergarten. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 17, 2006

First Appointment

This morning I had my first appointment with my midwife. It was a difficult decision to leave the OB that I have seen for three pregnancys, but now we live so much farther from his office and I have always thought a midwife would suit my philosophy so I changed. I am so glad I changed. My appointment was 2 hours. We went over all my previous pregnancys and births. When I mentioned some unanswered questions about Sammy's c-section she went into the hospital computer system and printed out a copy of his birth report and went over it with me.

Anyway, my blood pressure was already up. At this point, elevated bp is not generally related to the pregnany but most likely because she took it after we read Sammy's birth report which contained some scary stuff. I go back in two weeks to have that re-checked.

Otherwise, things look okay. I'm measuring right on for my dates and the heartrate was nice and strong. Bottom line is that i'm happy with my decision to see a midwife.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Since we decided to postpone our weekly art project until tomorrow, i'm substituting with this picture of snowmen that Isaac and Jeremiah made on Sunday. Notice the tiny snowbaby. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 13, 2006

Seventh Heaven

Our family will be entering seventh heaven sometime next June. Technically, my due date is June 5th, but after Jonah I prefer to say "sometime in June". I wasn't quite ready to announce this yet but Jeremiah started telling people in church yesterday so I really don't have a choice now. I have a feeling that those who know us well won't be too surprised. :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day

Today, I want to take a moment and honor an extremely important veteran in my life - my dad. He served in Vietnam. Thanks, Dad.

I tried to post this at exactly 11:11, but I wasn't fast enough. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


What "kitchen art" could be complete without making clay? We made the clay, shaped it, baked it then painted it. The boys made characters from Super Mario Brothers.
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Misc. Monday

  • I have to write a new post, I am so tired of looking at that picture of the cereal balls.
  • Leaves!!! So. Many. Leaves. It's wonderful having all these trees in the summer for shade, but I have blisters on my hand from raking and we aren't even half way done!! At least they small nice.
  • Jeremiah really wanted to see Man of the Year. He even arranged for a babysitter. We haven't left the boys with a sitter in almost two years. They didn't know what a babysitter was. They thought it was some kind of machine. Elijah wanted to know if Sammy was going to get into the babysitter first.
  • Man of the Year, by the way, is not really a comedy. It's more like a drama about a comedian. This makes two movies I have watched this year that were marketed to look like one thing, while turning out to be something else.
  • Eggnog is back in the stores! Elijah and Isaac share my affection for Eggnog.
  • The election will be over tomorrow. Need I say more?
  • I did mention the leaves right?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Puffed Cereal Balls

This week's Art project (a day late) was puffed cereal balls. We mixed crunchy peanut butter, honey and coconut together. We then made little balls of the mixture and rolled it in puffed wheat. They actually taste much better than I expected. I have to say that i'm glad this one is over, I was dreading it since I saw the ingredients. We have one more week of "Art in the Kitchen", then its on to "Art to Share with others" or something like that. Notice the light snow fall we recieved outside. Posted by Picasa