Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Poem 2010

I had some help on this year's poem. While we were in the U.P, I had Issac, Elijah, Sam, and my niece Riley sit down and help me write this poem.

Why I Like Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a thankful day.
We gather around the table and pray.

We give thanks for blessings, family, and food.
Thanksgiving puts us in a happy mood.

We look around and share a smile.
On our plates, mashed potatoes we pile.

We lift our drinks and toast our glasses.
We're really happy we don't have classes.

We feast on turkey, stuffing, and pie.
Our bellies are full, in contentment we sigh.

We wipe our mouths with our napkins,
then go to the computer and log on to Webkinz.

We say good-bye to our guests,
for shopping tomorrow we need plenty of rest!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lately, I've been reading a book about musicians to the boys. We read a chapter about a certain musician then we listen to some of their music. Today we learned about Tchaikovsky. I played a song from the Swan Lake ballet called Lake in the Moonlight.

As we were listening I asked Sammy "does it make you think of a lake in the moonlight?"

"Yeah," he says "I hear a swamp."

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Five Things

Five Things to do Before Christmas:
1. Make Sadie's dress.
2. Order Christmas cards.
3. Buy cloves from GFS.
4. Find a Christmas book to read to the kids in December (or maybe read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever again?)
5. Plan some Christmas-themed school lessons.

Five Things to Sew:
1. Dress that somebody ordered.
2. Hats that somebody ordered.
3. Sadie's Christmas dress.
4. New bag.
5. Something Christmasy for a blog giveaway.

Five Books to Read Soon:
1. Oliver Twist by David Copperfield
2. None But You by Susan Kaye
3. For you Alone by Susan Kaye (these two books tell Persuasion through Captain Wentworth's point of view.
4. Immanuel's Veins by Ted DeKker.
5. Learning to See by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman.

Five Things to do This Month:
1. Find some new gym games.
2. Get Isaac black shoes and pants for his concert.
3. Write my Thanksgiving poem.
4. Go to the U.P!
5. Think of a dish to bring to a party.