Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some School Stuff

  • Today, I signed the boys up for their Spring enrichment day classes. I remember back in December when they said Spring classes wouldn't start until March. It seemed SO FAR away and now we start next week already!
  • The boys all started new math books last week. I know I have said it before, but I really like Math-U-See. It has worked very well for us so far.
  • A friend let us borrow Boggle Jr. This is a great game! It's basically just spelling words but it feels like a game so the boys love to play it.
  • The boy's Spanish class is going really well. I love the approach their teacher uses. It's so different than when I took Spanish in school (which I'm sure is because I took it in high school). She just has them play games, games, games but it works!
  • I learn something new myself just about everyday. Even the first grade geography book was full of stuff I didn't know. For instance, I did not know there was "chunnel" that connected England and France or what a "fjord" was.
  • Earlier, Isaac was writing a story and looking up words in his dictionary. For fun. That felt like some kind of milestone to me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easter Gloves

Did you know they made Easter gloves in 2T? I didn't, until I saw these and snatched the last pair. We already have her hat, fabric for her dress and gloves. I'm waiting for a pattern in the mail to make her dress.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

The boys with their Valentines:

I tried so hard to get some good pictures of Sadie in her Valentine's dress. I put a lot of time into that dress and I wanted some some nice pictures. She did not want to cooperate though, especially when there was some chocolate to taste!




Thursday, February 12, 2009

For The Boy Moms...

My friend -and fellow mom of four boys- gave me permission to post this hilarious adventure she recently had with her boys. I thought a lot of my readers would get a kick out of it (or at least your boys will). So enjoy...and you probably don't want to read this if your eating.

Friday the kids and I ran errands, store to store, all kinds of stops and it required lots of patience on both parts. In the check out of one of our last stops they begin begging for a pop...I usually try and do flavored water, however, this particular day we struck a deal with sharing a sprite. About halfway into the sprite Obadiah tells me he doesn't want anymore and Gideon has had his fill as well. So in the midst of driving and all other activities in the car I tell him to stick it in his seat and we'll take care of it when we get home. As we unload all of the stuff, kids and whatever else and the dreaded sprite is forgotten. Unbenounced to me it didn't get capped....dun dun!! sooooo the next day we get in complete family of 6 all in tow; pretzels, diaper bag, kids, purse, phones, mom, and dad. All are munching away on their pretzels and ryan and I are enjoying a conversation. In the background Obadiah says: "Hey who put the 'rat' in my pop!" and you here a clanking (if that's what you'd want to call it). We pay little attention shushing him trying to continue our conversation. He continues to ask the question directing it to the back of the van at his big brothers. Suddenly they yell: "Eeeewww....Mom, Dad, there really is a 'rat' in Obadiah's pop!" As I glance back there it was a dead MOUSE!! INSIDE the sprite bottle!! Just about puked right then and there! We figure somehow the stupid varmint got into the van overnight and smelled the sweetness of the pop jumped in and couldn't get out so died! Eeww! So yeah full rigor had set in. If you look close you can see his whiskers even!!!! Ugh! and his icky ewy grossey claws! Oh and the reason I think Obadiah never noticed was because he'd shoved a pretzel in with his pop...for a little flava I believe. When I asked him if he drank it he looked so scared...and said No? I explained he wasn't in trouble and that I just needed to know as I stared back at the ring from the sprite bottle on his upper lip he finally confessed. sooooo I call emergency and explain the situation, admittantly (sp?) somewhat embarrassed because truly it was a little unbelievable...she then directed me to poison control who also sounded as though she was in disbelief. She assured me there was no harm and that it was probably just more gross than anything but to inform the pediatrician sooooo then I call the on call pediatrician...he sounded even more shocked and had me re-explain what happend. He did chuckle a little and said he had never recieved a call like this EVER and that we should just avoid kisses for a few days!! Uh yeah...DE-scust-ING!!! Life with all boys...4 will, I've concluded always be action packed!


Most of the Midwest enjoyed some Spring-like temps this past week. It was so nice that the boys wanted to be outside alot, yet it was so wet that they would be soaked in minutes. Even though I know we have plenty of winter ahead, it was nice to see some of the snow melt.



Saturday, February 07, 2009


Has it been a week? Really?

Let's forget about that and focus on a couple pictures.

I love this picture. Sadie is so patient when you do her hair, she will sit for as long as it takes. And what is sweeter than a dad fumbling with a teeny tiny elastic so he can do his daughter's hair?

And this picture perfectly captures Jonah. He is perpetually in motion, and often in superhero mode.