Tuesday, August 31, 2004

At least ask sombody who knows...

Another homeschooler pointed me to this artice in CNN:

It basically sums up the fact that homeschooling is a growing movement (up 29% since 1999). However, it ends like every other homeschooling article in the main stream media with that tired old question about "socialization". This particular article ends with a quote by Ted Feinberg, assistant executive director of the National Association of School Psychologists.

"At some point, children are going to have to interact with the rest of the world," he said. "If they haven't had the opportunity to build their emotional muscles so they have that capacity to interact, how effective are they going to be outside their cloistered environment?"

Clearly, this man has not spent much time with homeschoolers. Obviously his job as a school psychologist doesn't put him in contact with them. If I could, I would introduce Mr. Feinberg to the only two people I know my age that were homeschooled (homeschooling wasn't very poplular at the time).

There is James, my former Team Leader. He finished college at the age of 19. When he came to work at the company I was working at, he was a TL within months. Not only was he the youngest TL, but the best ( I can honestly say that becuase I had almost all TLs at one time or another).

Than there is Carl, a friend of ours from college. Carl is now an engineer in the Sault. A couple years ago he was the Michigan National Guard Soldier of the Year.

On top of those accomplishments they are both husbands and fathers. I don't think anybody would argue that these two men had problems interacting with the world once they emerged from the "cloistered" environement.

Which brings my to another reason Mr. Feinberg obviously doesn't know any homeschoolers. Simply because a family decides not to send their child to a traditional school, doesn't mean they are keeping them locked in their homes! Just about every highschool age homeschooler I know either has a job or takes classes at our local college (on top of their schooling). Its not like they turn 18 and step into the world for the first time, they are already part of society.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Feinberg, I have some other people I would like you to meet. People who have trouble interacting with the world, and have never built their emotional muscles...and guess where they went to school?

Monday, August 30, 2004

Lesson Learned

Scene: Boys are happily playing in Samuel's crib, I am sitting 2 feet away at the computer.
Enter Jeremiah: Boys! Out of the crib you know your not supposed to be in there.
Isaac: But mommy said we could.
Me: Hey! I never said that.
Isaac: But mommy, you saw us in here and you never said anything.

Important parenting lesson learned: 4 year olds understand implied consent. I guess I already knew this, it just hits home a little more when you hear them articulate it.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Sugar (and spice) cravings

While I would not trade any of our boys for any amount of girls, there are moments where I tell myself "thats it, I'm having babys until I have a girl."

Yesterday was one such moment. I went to have my haircut and at the salon a mom was there with two pre-teen/young teen daughters. They were thoughtfully going thru the magazines picking out hairstyles. The girls were obviously excited and their mom seemed to share their excitement. It looked like fun. All of a sudden that little bird we all know called "hope" fluttered its wings and whispered "maybe next time."

After all, girls don't splash in the toilet...do they?

Friday, August 27, 2004

Where did my baby go?

Well its official, Samuel is now just another one of the boys. He is no longer an amused spectator just enjoying the show. He now toddles after his big brothers eager to participate in the fun (or more often mischief).

Let me assure you, his brothers have wasted no time in teaching him the ropes. Just today Isaac showed Samuel how fun it is to bang on the bedroom door when daddy is sleeping. I have since moved Samuel away from the door no less than 10 times today, his little arms still making pounding motions in the air.

Elijah has done his part too. He was more than happy to show Samuel how to empty out the tupperware cupboard, the utensil drawer, the bookcase and the boys drawers in their room.

However, Samuel has taught himself skills such as splashing in the toilet, pulling things out of the garbage and tearing up books.

Whenever I'm tempted to even feel the least bit upset with him, Sammy will pull out the big guns. He will give me his "crinkle nose" grin, showing off his little teeth, and these two adorable little dimples under his nose. Its impossible to be upset with this boy when you see those little dimples.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


Our two older boys do something amazing every night (at least it is to us). Before we get to the amazing part, a little background info. The boys have their usual bedtime routine everynight. They brush their teeth, have a story read to them and say their prayers, than they are allowed to play quietly as long as they stay in their room.

Now for the amazing part, every night they manage to put themselves into their bed before they fall asleep. Now you would think that a 2 year old and a 4 year would just play until they crashed, after all they could play all night as long as they stayed in their room. (Granted, Elijah has fell asleep a couple times on the floor still holding onto cars.) However, they have somehow learned to crawl into bed when they are tired and its usually no later than 9:30. I hope this is setting them up for a lifetime of good sleep habits.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Some Olympic commentary

Now for my Olympic Commentary.

Thank you Foxnews.com (and other News sources I'm sure) for plastering gigantic "can't miss" results on your frontpage hours before the events were televised. Just think how much more exciting Paul Hamm's comeback would of been if we didn't already know he won the gold!

Trampoline Gymnastics...Ok, where can I sign up for this sport?

USA Women's Beach Volleyball...Holy moly! Put some clothes on!

Note to Men's Gymnastics Judges..."Um...see those guys swinging around on that high bar? Well...yeah your supposed to be watching them!"

Sunday, August 22, 2004

My blog debut!

After months of faithfully reading other blogs, I have finally became a blogger myself.

Stay tuned for exciting tales of life with three boys...