Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I found these plush masks in T*rget's dollar section yesterday. They often have some pretty cool stuff there.

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What? Don't all 2 year olds fall asleep reading the New England Journal of Medicine? Jeremiah thought it would be fun to pose him like that.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sandy and I had the same idea yesterday...haircuts! I was actually pretty happy with my hair how it was, but I had to get the rest of the perm cut out so my hair would be ready for a new perm in a couple months. I'm always so nervous before a haircut, thinking they are going to screw it up. I have actually found that telling the hairdresser what I don't want works better then trying to explain what I do want.

Nothing dramatic, but I love how I can flip my hair around again!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So we have discovered the most effective parenting tool yet...money. Isaac and Elijah are now old enough to understand that things cost money, better things cost more money, and you get money by working. Sammy is not quite there yet. They each have their own money jar. They get a basic allowance, then can earn more by doing extra things (cleaning up their own room or a mess they made is not "extra").They have yet to turn down an opportunity to make money, even if it means cleaning up the dog poop in the yard. I also like to surprise them with little rewards, such as giving Sammy a nickel when he was the best behaved on our walk.

The flip side is they also have to give money back if they don't listen or misbehave. We call them "fines". If they intentionally wrong a brother, they have to give money to that brother. For instance, the other day Isaac was screeching like crazy, totally wearing on my last nerve. I "fined" him a nickel but also gave him a chance to earn it back by not being loud the rest of the day. It worked. The other day the boys thought it was funny to make our fan make weird noises. I told them if they broke the fan their money would go to replace it. Nobody has touched the fan since. Usually, just a warning of a "fine" works.

Today we heard the ice cream truck coming. They said they would rather save their money.

If your child(ren) are old enough to understand money, I totally recommend using it.

Monday, August 20, 2007


On Friday the boys wanted to do a craft. I found this cool site filled with things you can with construction paper. We made the pinwheels and origami whales. Friday was a breezy day and the pinwheels worked great. If your looking for easy craft ideas that require minimal materials, this is a great site to check.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

3 Months!

Sadie is three months old today! Three months, and I still can't believe I actually have a girl! It still feels weird to browse thru the girl section, but it sure is fun. Sadie was nine and a half pounds last week. It feels like I have had a newborn for three months. People still see her and say things like "oh! there's a new one!" She smiles and loves to coo. We're still not sure what color her eyes will be. Some days I'm sure they will be brown, other days they still look blue.

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I decided to honor her three month birthday by finally finishing this cross stitch. I worked on this thru my weeks of bedrest. I had just a few stitches to finish. Every time I look at this I will remember those weeks. (In case you can't tell, I only did the words, not the animals)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shallow Post about Baby Clothes

For anybody looking for something deeper than baby clothes, sorry keep moving.

I have shown way more restraint buying girl clothes then I ever imagined I would. She has had so many cute things given to her, that it just makes no sense for me to spend money. I did buy a couple preemie outfits after she was born, but come on, how many times in your life do you get to shop for those teeny tiny preemie clothes? Most of the things I have bought were clearance items or from Goodwill. However, I recently found these two cute dresses that I just couldn't pass up. Both are 3-6 months, which is one size that she didn't have much in. You'll notice they both have gray/pink plaid. For some reason, I think that is so cute.

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It's also weird having a daughter who is total opposite of me in terms of complexion. I'm so used to looking for earthy colors for myself, but she looks really good in the pinks that I usually avoid.

Friday, August 10, 2007


If anybody was wondering why my sewing blog has been quiet for the last couple weeks, it's because I was working on this 750 piece jigsaw puzzle! I found this for $3.00, and just loved the picture of a 1940 sewing room. It's from the Kodak Generations series which features rooms in different eras.I decided to put it together and hang it on the wall. You can buy special kits with adhesive paper, or even glue to save puzzles (the cashier was surprised to see that). I finished it last night, and I actually felt a little disappointed to be done.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Never too Young...

I got this for like $3 on ebay because the little piece that holds the thread in needs to be taped on. Obviously I have already been looking at little sewing machines. I've also been looking at American Girl dolls too.

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See? She LOVES it.
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Monday, August 06, 2007

Boo is Two!

Jonah, aka Boo or Boozie, is two today! Two is a challenging age, yet it is such a fun age. Jonah provides much entertainment and laughter to our home. He has been watching mixed martial arts with Jeremiah since he was tiny and one of his favorite things to do is practice moves. If daddy or his brothers are not around to "fight", then the big stuffed spiderman gets it. He can talk better everyday and his sentences keep getting longer. Of course, his favorite word is "No!!!!!" He is a wonderful, spirited boy and the last two years have been a joy.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007


Our little Sams is four today! Most of you know that he has several food allergies. People are always commenting that he may outgrow them. Somehow he decided that four was the "magic" age, and he would be able to eat cheese (nope). He mentioned today that he might want his training wheels off now that he is four. He is a stealth little boy. Always sneaking away, usually to the kitchen to look for snacks. He is a sweet little guy and we are lucky to be his parents. Happy Birthday Sam! I also want to add that he has not had a dr. appointment since his 3 year check up!! Compared to his first three years of life, that is something to rejoice about.

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