Monday, January 31, 2005


Some things you might hear if you find yourself in a conversation with Elijah:

Shut the light on!
red peanut butter (jelly)
barbisoo-cas (barbcue sauce)
cinnamon boy (gingerbread man)
I'm a good boy (when he wants something)
pillows (marshmallows)
blooding (bleeding)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Brothers Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Little Bit of Yooper in Him...

For Awana Isaac had to draw a picture of a gift he was thankful for. He decided to draw a (very good) picture of Thomas the train.

Isaac: How do you make a D?
Mommy: (after several attempts to demonstrate a d in the air) Why do you need to make a D?
Isaac: Because I want my teacher to know this is Thomas the train.
Mommy: There is no D in Thomas the train.
Isaac: (in a very exasperated tone) Thomas da train!?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Are you SURE you went to the bathroom??

After a very long cold spell, we finally had a balmy 30 degrees today. Of course we decided to take the boys outside to play (they desperately needed it). I told Isaac and Elijah no less than three times to please use the bathroom before we bundle them up. I than asked them no less than three times if they did indeed use the bathroom, and they both said yes. Sooooo, we bundle , and bundle, and bundle. As Jeremiah opens the door Elijahs says "I need to go poopy". Before we can even respond he says "I need new underwear". Of course it seems much funnier now than it did at the time.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sew Fun...

is my new sewing blog! Check it out if your interested.

Monkey #3

Notice the monkey-like use of his toes.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Thank you BabyZone.Com

for this positive homeschooling article: The Kitchen Table Classroom.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


If there is one challenging aspect of small children, its getting them to eat. I mean, getting them to eat good stuff. Fruit is easy, they love fruit. Vegetables on the other hand...

Today for lunch I made the boys ramen noodles, something we rarely eat because of the sodium content. They seemed very happy to have ramen noodles (Isaac even commented on the yummy smell) until -gasp- I added vegetables. How dare I try to add even a tiny bit of nutritious value to their meal? Isaac took one look and said "It has beans, i'm not eating it". I replied with the usual "fine, but when your hungry it will be waiting." The "yummy smell" finally got to him though, and he ate his noodles. He even proudly announced that he ate a bean!

Elijah (0ur best eater) simply ate half of his noodles and went on his way.

Sammy was delighted when he saw the noodles, he was happily chirping "pasta, pasta,pasta" as I put him in his high chair. Unfortunately for Sammy, they contain milk products so he couldn't eat them. When I set a sloppy joe in front of him (something he devoured yesterday) he promptly tossed it half way across the kitchen. He wanted "pasta, pasta, pasta", so I hastily cooked up some pasta for him.

And that is a normal lunch in our home. Believe it or not, its actually one of my favorite times of the day. I have some of my best conversations with the boys over lunch. Its reason #507 that i'm glad we are homeschooling, we will always have our lunches together.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


It only took three months, but this J.C Penny fiasco has finally been resolved in my favor. Many thanks to my friends for their advice in how to handle it.

Monday, January 17, 2005


Last night I was listening to the boys play in their room and I overheard this little coversation:

Elijah: Owww! My finger!
Isaac: Does it hurt?
Elijah: Yes!
Isaac: Awww, poor little guy, go see daddy.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Ice Cream Diet

I'm following a diet that is supposed to prevent pre-eclampsia. The first thing on the list is this:

# One quart (4 glasses) or more of milk. Any kind will do: whole milk, low fat, skim, buttermilk, or cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc....

I was showing Jeremiah and I jokingly said "look, I can eat one quart of ice cream everyday!" Jeremiah ended up running to the store later and brought home a gallon of ice cream! I wasn't serious, really I wasn't.

I just wanted to add that even though the diet comes from the Bradley Method website, I am not doing the Bradley Method. I attempted this with Isaac and ended up feeling like a huge failure for taking a shot of stadol. The "relaxation" just didn't do a thing for my back labor.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It would almost be funny--if it didn't cost $70!!

The furnace guy finally showed up. It cost us $70 to find out that Jeremiah didn't put the filters back in correctly.


Bambino number 4 due sometime the end of July! Surprised? So were we! In fact, it didn't really sink in until a couple weeks ago when I rented a fetal heart doppler and have been listening to the little galloping heart everynight. Anyways, i'm a traditionalist and like to wait till the end of the first trimester to make an announcment so I hope nobody feels left out of the loop.

And to answer the question that I know is on everybodys mind: Do you think its a girl?? I don't know. I definately don't have the strong boy feeling I had with Sammy, but I definately don't have a strong girl feeling either...I'm doing my best to be mentally prepared for either, heck i'm just doing my best to be prepared for another baby!

The boys do not know yet, I think we will wait a bit longer. I can't wait to hear Isaac's name choices this time.

And in other news....our furnance decided to stop working last night. Yes, that means we are in Northern Michigan in January with no furnace. Jeremiah shut it off and took the filters out to clean last night and it just wouldn't start back up. Thank goodness for the little heater he got me for Christmas, we are able to keep half the house warm as long as we keep all the bedroom doors shut.

I have been busy this last week sewing my heart out. I have made lots of cool clothes and i'm pondering creating a sewing blog so I can post pics of what I make without boring those of you who could care less.

So, on that exciting news I will finish up here. I'm off to check out winter sales at the mall.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

More Birthday Wishes....

Happy Birthday Jeremiah! The BEST husband and daddy in the world! Words can't describe how wonderful you are.

I asked Isaac what his favorite thing about his daddy is and he said "cuz he plays with me and he's funny".

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Elijah is 3

Today is Elijah's 3rd birthday. He will be having his party on Saturday. He is still deciding if he wants a Clifford cake or a choo choo train cake. He does know that he wants a remote control monster truck* like Isaac got from Grampa Larry (just for clarification, thats the real Grampa Larry, not the big blue stuffed dog named Grampa Larry).

Happy Birthday to our little Elijah-bear, who can have you pulling out your hair and laughing hysterically in the same minute.

*I was at Sam's Club when Isaac got his monster truck in the mail. Elijah did not understand why there was not a monster truck for him. When I got home he pointed to the box of chicken nuggets I was carrying and asked "is my monster truck in there?"

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another Classified Tale

Okay, so about a month or so ago, Jeremiah and I decided we were very tired of doing dishes. With a family of five, they accumulate so fast and it seemed to take the whole evening to wash them. So, Melissa tells us about a portable dishwasher they had in a previous house. It sounded awesome, you can keep it anywhere in the kitchen and when you want to wash dishes you just roll it over to the sink, connect the hose to the faucet, and turn it on. It even has a butcherblock top to use as counterspace. Well, we decided this is what we wanted so we shopped around. Of course I faithfully checked the classified everyday for weeks. Finally, just yesterday, we ordered a Maytag portable dishwasher to the tune of $430 (including tax and delivery) from ABC Warehouse.

Imagine my total dismay this morning when I read this in the classified: Portable Maytag dishwasher, very good condition, $125.

So, I called and it was still available. Than Jeremiah called and cancelled our order. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how we saved $300 in the nick of time.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

What Is Grabbing My Toes??