Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Elijah is 3

Today is Elijah's 3rd birthday. He will be having his party on Saturday. He is still deciding if he wants a Clifford cake or a choo choo train cake. He does know that he wants a remote control monster truck* like Isaac got from Grampa Larry (just for clarification, thats the real Grampa Larry, not the big blue stuffed dog named Grampa Larry).

Happy Birthday to our little Elijah-bear, who can have you pulling out your hair and laughing hysterically in the same minute.

*I was at Sam's Club when Isaac got his monster truck in the mail. Elijah did not understand why there was not a monster truck for him. When I got home he pointed to the box of chicken nuggets I was carrying and asked "is my monster truck in there?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little one!!!!!!


Amanda (The OB)

3:10 PM  

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