Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paper Beads

Now this is a fun -and easy- project! You simply cut out colorful pieces of paper from magazines, wrap them around the end of a paintbrush, glue the end, then string the beads! The book suggests adding buttons or metal washers to the necklace also. It's fun to find colors or patterns in the magazine that you want your bead to look like. The boys love the cutting and gluing, of course, but I think girls would really enjoy this for the making jewelry aspect also.

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Blogger Risa said...

What do you guys use for art again? Your projects always look like so much fun! We did the frozen can with the fake candle in it and the kids loved them, we will probably bring them to grandma and grandpa at Thanksgiving - we have enjoyed them long enough! :) They really had fun making them too!

Thanks for the idea!

10:04 AM  

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