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Over on my sewing blog, 'Ailina said she would be interested in hearing how I began sewing. Since you probably don't want to hear anymore about snow, and I love to talk about sewing, I'm happy to recount.

Technically, my first sewing projects were in 4-H. I don't remember much about those, and I suspect my 4-H leaders probably did most of the work. We also did a few sewing projects in Jr. High Home Ec., but again I don't remember much about that. When I was a sophomore in high school I veered of what some might call "the college track" and took what we used to call slacker classes. Child Development and Clothing and Textiles were two of them. Honestly, I didn't even know what a class called Clothing and Textiles was going to be about but it sounded easy. Turns out it was a whole semester of sewing. Our only requirements for the whole semester was to make something for the top half of our body, and something for the bottom half of our body. While my classmates grumbled and struggled to meet even those requirements, I finished a shirt and a dress in no time. Then I used the extra material from my dress to make my little sister an outfit. Then I made a couple baby outfits for my teacher's brand new niece. I loved sewing! I would often stay during our "Enrichment Period" (basically study hall) and keep sewing. I was sorry when the class was over.

That was the end of my sewing until four years later. About a month before we got married we managed to afford the cheapest sewing machine W*l-Mart had. It was a lot harder to sew without a teacher right there to help, but thanks to my high school class I knew how to read patterns and apply interfacing ect. I used that machine for seven years, improving over the years and learning how to do more difficult things. Finally, two years ago I upgraded to a new machine which helped my sewing improve even more. There is just something in me that loves to sew.

FYI, I did work hard the next two years in high school to catch up with those classes I avoided during 10th grade.


Blogger 'Ailina said...

Amie, thank you so much for sharing this! I was curious. I've been on my first machine for about ten years now. It's still going, but every time I sit down to it, I wonder when I should upgrade.

I took those Home Ec./Textiles classes, too. We were required to make one item--this was in the 80s, so I made a reversible bubble skirt! Yikes!

Looking forward to your next update at Sew Fun!

10:43 AM  
Blogger Elisheva Hannah Levin said...


Very interesting. I took "home economics" in junior high in the '70's. It was required of all girls. I made a cotton skirt in 7th grade and polyester zipper-in-the-back slacks in 8th grade. Yep--those were the days of polyester!

I got a sewing machine for mothers day a few years back, but then I started my MA. Now I am working on my Ph.D., so I still don't have time...

But when I do, no more polyester pants!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Choppzs said...

Gosh so many new sewing projects that I haven't seen! I love the Strawberry shortcake blanket. Now you just have to turn it over so we can see the name. it's killing me!! lol

7:42 PM  
Blogger nikko said...

I just have something in me that likes to sew, too!

How fun to hear your sewing story. You are a much more prolific seamstress than I am. It's been weeks since I have completed anything.

9:21 PM  

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