Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Jonah has taken to wearing this pail on his head. Not sure why exactly, but he loves to.
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24 weeks. To me, it doesn't look like I've grown much since 20 weeks, but I was measuring exactly 24 weeks at my appointment.

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Anonymous Sandy said...

Very cute photos! Love the pail on the head. :-)

12:11 PM  
Blogger kelly jeanie said...

He looks like a little elf in that photo! So cute. You look great.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Jeska said...

he does look like a little elf there. You look adorable.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Genevieve said...

elf! elf! kelly jeanie & jeska stole my comment. :-)


11:56 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Amie, you look beautiful and Jonah, he is so cute.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

How cute, my little boy used to put cool whip containers on his head! You look great too!
Anna D

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Steph said...

Gotta love them ears...:)

10:19 AM  
Blogger andria said...

You look good!

I thought having my third I would be a lot bigger this time around. I am 30 weeks today and I just had to start with the maternity clothes about 3 weeks ago. Sleeping on my stomach went out about that time too. I can still fool some people if I choose really baggy clothes.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Wethyb said...

What a cutie patootie he is!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Choppzs said...

Love the bucket!!! lol

12:13 AM  

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