Friday, September 17, 2010

Sam's Poetry

We have been reading a lot of poetry here lately. Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Pizza the Size of the Sun. The other day Sammy decided he was going to write his own poetry. I detect some anxiety in his poems. He did tell me I can share them here on my blog, understanding that others will read them.

 Going Upstairs
Going up up stairs
I am still on stairs
and still
and never stop
and I am still on the stairs
I want to stop and sit
and then go up and up as I go

        Flying (Sammy tells me this poem is about gravity turned off)
Flying in the house indoors
I am flying Wee!! Wee!!
This is Fun
I'm flying indoors!!
I'm in a house
when will I stop
I need to stop.
My feet are not on the ground.

My Brother

My brother brings my house everywhere he goes
my brother has his house still
when will he stop
he went to Meijer
he still has it
and he went to the doctors
he still has it
if he stops I will be glad


Blogger Jamie said...

LOVE it! Love to see their creativity come out! I've been having Hannah read A Child's Garden of Verses (or is it poems, can't remember what its called now) every other day as part of her reading.

9:32 PM  

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