Monday, January 01, 2007

Did I Make 'Em or Break 'Em?

So let's see how I did on last years resolutions. Remember, this is my blog so I get to make as many excuses as I want...

1. Less sugar. This is hard to measure. If I were to be honest, I would say I probably didn't do a good job.
2. More flax seed oil. After our bottle of oil was gone, I gave up trying to get the boys to take it and bought capsules. I was taking them until I got pregnant, then I stopped because I wasn't sure it was safe during pregnancy (it is a mild blood thinner.)
3. Try a new meal at least every two weeks. I started out really good with this but after the first few "new" meals were not well received, I lost my steam. I did end the year on a good note though, I have made several new meals in our slow cooker. Even though the cooking might not of been something different, I will say we make almost every single meal at home so that should count for something! We might get BK about twice a month on the way home from church, but thats it for take out/eat out.
4. Increase fruits and vegetables. Another one that is hard to measure, but judging by how much more often I buy them, I would say fruits and vegetables were increased.
5. Cut the boys hair more often. I don't think I cut their hair any more often than I used to. But seriously, it's such a huge ordeal to do this!!
6. Read the Whole Bible. Finally one that is measurable. Yes, I did this!!
7. Spend more time cleaning every day. I would probably have to say no on this one. In my defense though, Jonah was not mobile when I made this resolution.
8. Send more emails & written correspondence. No, I don't think I did this. In fact, we went months in this house without a book of stamps. This is the only resolution I feel bad for not keeping.
9. Start some light weight lifting. Actually, I forgot about this one.
10. Go shopping less. I think I did really good here, I shopped A LOT less this past year.

Okay, so I didn't do very good. However, I still think it's a great idea to set goals. This year I think I will put them on the fridge so I don't forget any.


Anonymous Nancy said...

It boggles my mind that you are able to get as much done as you do -- I am impressed! I can't believe the amount of sewing you get done, and I think you are a good email correspondent. I love your blog! With the major move this year, and a two week trip, I think you've had a very good year -- you should be proud of the job you are doing.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Genevieve said...

I think you did good! Most people don't accomplish any of their goals, and you've done some of them! That's great.

10:38 AM  
Blogger mommaobrienx7 said...

So cool to be able to look back and see if you stuck to your resolutions! I think you did an awesome job! Here's to a great new year and a new baby on the way for you and your family!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Wethyb said...

Not too shabby! Your list is way bigger than mine! I only had a few and I don't think I did that good.

Less sugar...hard to least I know for me :) I need my sugar fix! Clean more often....I do that anyway. I'm a clean freak, but I have 3 less children :)

3:33 PM  

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