Saturday, October 02, 2004

The TV Saga

Last week our television broke. Well, to be more precise, Isaac finished off our television which was already a little broke. I did not want another tv, but I left the decision up to Jeremiah and he did. We went and purchased another cheap 19 inch television. So what happens five days later? We get a call from Jeremiah's mom that she is coming down and bringing us their old TV because they just bought a new one.

Interesting note: while perfoming the spell check it asked if I wanted to replace Jeremiah's with ceramic???


Blogger Andrea said...

Yikes! You have TV's coming at you from all sides :-D I guess I shouldn't get so annoyed with Paxton when he's constantly turning ours on and off when we're trying to watch something. So far he hasn't broken anything (other than tumblers and other dishes).

11:30 AM  

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