Friday, September 10, 2004

The best $2 I've ever spent.

I made an exciting discovery today, there is such a thing as childproof locks for the fridge! I cannot tell you how many times a day the boys rummage around in the fridge, seriously I would lose count by noon. Last week Elijah broke an egg on the floor three different times, and somehow a whole bottle of pop was spilled on the floor (Sammy allegedly did it, although somebody had to open the door for him)

So, for the longest time I have been whining to anybody who will listen "why can't they make a childproof lock for the fridge?" Well today my mom informed me she had seen one in a magazine so I did an online search (hello? why didn't I just do a search before?) and sure enough they exist. Before spending $8.00 to order online I decided to check Wal-Mart first and they were right there in the baby dept. for $1.96.

So we get home and I immediately attach it to the door. Two minutes later Isaac wanders over and in 2 seconds flat figured out how to open it! However, I suspect that as long as it keeps Elijah out, my life will be a little bit easier.


Blogger Andrea said...

Hi - I'd never heard of such a thing either until I saw one at my neighbor's house. I know where to turn now if Paxton starts getting into the fridge on his own :-) Breaking eggs - ugh!

11:12 AM  

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