Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Simple Things...

Today me and the boys spent a fun filled afternoon baking an apple pie. Meijer had McIntosh apples at buy-one-get-one-free, but it turns out the boys don't like apples that have green in them *insert eye roll here* so we needed to do something will all those apples! Usually I cheat and buy the pre-made crusts because I have always been under the assumption that making pie crust was next to impossible. Today I was feeling adventurous, so I hauled out my Betty Crocker cookbook and followed the recipe for pastry crust. Isaac and Elijah took turns adding the ingredients, and Samuel was happy munching on apple pieces. Turns out that pie crust isn't that hard after all, and it turned out very good. The best part, however, is that the leftover pieces of dough occupied the boys for almost an hour!

I also want to add that I think we can officially declare Elijah potty trained!

Oh yeah... one more more cute story. When the boys need to say sorry to each other they always give each other a kiss. Today Samuel threw a book and it hit Elijah on the arm, he was very upset about this and kept telling me that "Sammy hit me!" So, just to placate Elijah I told Samuel to "say sorry to Elijah" thinking I would just move Sammy's lips and say "I'm sorry" myself. Anyways, what does Samuel do? He gets up and walks right over to Elijah and gives him a kiss on the cheek!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a precious story!

And honestly, I'm impressed at the ease with which you made your pie crust. Last time I tried it was. . . edible. And that's it.


1:41 AM  

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