Sunday, October 09, 2005

More Bullets

  • I love bulleted lists, they make blog entries so easy.
  • Isaac lost his first tooth yesterday. I got a little choked up when he smiled at me without a tooth. How can he be old enough to lose teeth??
  • There is a muscle near my ribs that cramps up whenever I stretch. Its a leftover pregnancy thing but it takes me by surprise everytime.
  • Little girls LOVE LOVE LOVE babies. Jonah is like a little girl magnet. Today when I went to get Isaac from his class at church, Melissa's daughter saw Jonah and started talking about how she got to hold Jonah for a long time. That was 2 months ago, apparently it made quite an impression. Lucky for her, she is going to have her own brand new sister soon.
  • Its not easy teaching Elijah his ABC's. Actually, its pretty much how you would imagine it is teaching a 3 year old boy his ABC's. Whats this? P? no. G? no. O? no. V? no.... You get the picture.
  • I had to go to the dr. on Friday for a UTI. I tried to drink tons of water for two days to get rid of it. Frankly, I am just tired of seeing doctors. Either I or one of the boys have been to the doctors pretty much on a weekly basis since I started my weekly OB appointments back in July. However, when it was still there Friday I decided to go because I didn't want it getting really bad over the weekend when I wouldn't be able to see my dr.
  • That was the 4th time I have been to my GP's office in five years. Once they even called to see if I was still a patient. The OB's office though, thats a different story. I think my next baby should be free, kind of like a buy 3 get one free sorta thing (Isaac was not born here).
  • Jonah is a very good baby. Very content and mellow.
  • Judging by how fast the liquid soap got used in the bathroom I used to think the boys were just very good about washing their hands. Turns out its more about making bubbles in the sink than washing hands.


Blogger cjoy said...

Our soap vanishes rather fast, too! I buy the refill container and use it frequently. My husband informed me today that it's empty now. Sigh. However, it has proven to be great at entertaining my little boy! haha!

6:47 PM  
Blogger Princess Ruby said...

Wow! He already lost a tooth? Hannah's are loose but she still hasn't lost any. I think I'd get choked up too. I know what you mean about little girls loving babies. I really think God instills that in us right from the beginning...that desire to mother. It is crazy to see those little toddlers walk up to the little babies and love all over them. It is so neat though to see their mothering instinct at such a young age. Sure hope your UTI heals up quickly. Those are so miserable. Lets hope that this week will be doctor free for you guys! Our soap seems to last awhile, but our toilet paper is another story (and Hannah is the culprit). That is such a precious picture of the boys. They're so cute (I know I'm biased, being their aunt, but anybody would think so).

8:45 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

My kids do they same thing with the soapy bubbles in the sink. They are constantly washing their hands for that very reason. Sarah is definetly going to love on her baby sister. :D

9:29 AM  

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