Friday, May 13, 2005

What A Day

Yesterday morning Jeremiah packed up all the boys and off they went for an outing. Hours later they return home with a Birthday cake (my bday is Sun), ice cream and Kohls gift card for me. "You have to share that cake mommy" Elijah informed me. So we ate cake. Than on top of having the whole morning to myself I left to go shopping by myself. I ended up getting some new walking shoes. Not the most exciting purchase, but I walk 3 miles almost every day and my old shoes were two years old so I was needing some new ones.

Last night another homeschooling mom from our church called and asked if I was interested in purchasing the phonics program they used to teach their children to read. Now, this family has 6 kids and they are in the library every week after church with armloads of books. We decided that, yes, we definitely wanted to use the same program they did.

That's how we ended up at the annual homeschool book sale. Its an event at the end of every school year where homeschooling families buy/sell used curriculum/supplies/books ect. Homeschool curriculum is very overwhelming. There is a million different programs, curriculums, methods you can use. We ended up getting the phonics program that we went to get.


Blogger Melissa said...

Cool Amie, sounds like you are prepared for school this Fall. Glad you had a great day. Happy Birthday on Sunday!

8:41 PM  

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