Thursday, May 05, 2005

No Maam, We Keep them Locked in the House

Some background...In Michigan there is a "school readiness" program called Way To Grow for kids birth to 5. I'm not knockin' this program, they do lots of fun activities. Occasionally they team up with the Little Wigglers program at our local library so we attend those activities. In the past I have filled out a paper and I get their calendar in the mail ect...

So, earlier this week the new coordinator calls me about Elijah. She wasn't concerned about Isaac, since he is 5 she assumed he was safely in the care of the public schools. I explained that we will be homeschooling, and that we generally don't attend many Way to Grow activities accept when they happen with Little Wigglers.

"Oh good!" She said "Little Wigglers is a great program, so you do get Elijah out to something." Since, up to this point, the conversation was going okay I refrained from replying "well, we generally like to keep the boys locked in our home so they can't interact with society, but we make an exception for Little Wigglers."

The ironic thing is that the main reason we don't attend more Way To Grow activities, is because I don't want to add another activity to the boys schedule. They average anywhere between 8-12 hours a week with other children (about half structured, half not), call me crazy but I feel that's enough for young children.


Blogger Melissa said...

I was bugged one time too from someone representing Way to Grow. My kids are going to public school and they still bugged me. I don't know much about the Way to Grow program, but during the conversation I had it was enough to make me not want to attend any of their programs. Sorry they made you feel like you lock your kids up. That was funny how you put it. LOL Your boys do a lot more than my kids. I think they will be just fine, regardless. Keep up the good work little mama!!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Choppzs said...

I see so many pics that you post of your kids doing crafts and hanging out with friends and having get-togethers that it makes me look very boring! lol With Olivia at school during the day, Zachary and I just sort of hang out and play with his toys, or go outside and take a wagon ride. Just ignore those people, you don't need em!! :)

12:31 AM  

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