Friday, April 15, 2005


First, Sammy appears to be feeling better. His poops are almost normal again, no word on the stool samples yet. Praying it doesn't return, we thought he was back to normal last week for a day or two.

Second, regarding my agenda this week. I finished my curtains and put air in my bike tires. Okay, okay Jeremiah put air in my tires. We went for a bike ride last night, and i'm happy to report that i'm totally comfortable riding a bike even at 25.5 weeks (almost six months) pregnant! I still have to make that pizza dough, but I need to get freezer bags first.

Third, if you live near an Osh Kosh outlet, you need to get on their email mailing list. Two weeks ago I got a $10 coupon (no minimum purchase), and this week I got a coupon for an extra 25% off any item which is great since they are always running 40-70% off sales. Actually, I think you can use them online so technically you don't even have to have a store near you.

Last, but definately not least, a huge thank you to my Aunt Nancy who picked up the Gymboree outfit I had my heart set on at her local store. My local store had neither the matching socks or the newborn size in stock. I can't wait to see him in it.


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