Tuesday, November 15, 2005

20 Random Things....

Jamie tagged me for this.

1. Some days I still can't believe I have four kids, not to mention four boys!
2. Having four kids is not really what I envisioned - its even better!
3. Ever hear of NAK? Nursing at keyboard. Thats me, all the time.
4. I've had my nose in a book since 4th grade.
5. I stopped watching ER this year after six years. I guess Carter leaving was the last straw.
6. I no longer have a "can't miss" t.v show.
7. I check out more library books than I have time to read. It drives Jeremiah crazy.
8. I dress the boys up for no good reason. More than once somebody asked "oh, did they just get pictures?"
9. I can't wait for "Family Ties" to come out on DVD.
10. Once in my college advanced writing class we had to read a chapter out of a book we like. I chose a chapter out of Max Lucado's Six Hours One Friday.
11. In that same class I wrote papers about breastfeeding, gambling, population myths and -if I remember correctly- one about marriage.
12. My earliest memory is getting poked in the finger to check my iron level, somewhere around two years old.
13. I'm having friends over for Pina Coladas (non alcoholic) this week.
14. I made six batches of whole wheat pizza dough to freeze yesterday (hey, its 20 random things not exciting things.)
15. It took two years of sewing before I made something I could actually wear.
16. I bought Spongebob Squarpants socks just to see the boy's reaction when I wore them. Their reactions were worth the $2.00.
17. I recently bought gray dress slacks, but decided they looked like man pants so I returned them.
18. I recently bought a sweater, than decided I paid too much, so I returned it.
19. I'm watching 19 items on "My Ebay". All boy clothes.
20. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet.

Whew! I managed to make this list without including anything from my "100 things about me" list.

I tag Melissa, Genevieve, Sandy & anybody else who wants to!


Anonymous Sandy said...

I love your list Amie! I will do a list today or tomorrow. I started a "100 Things" list months ago and only made it up to 34 things, so making a list of 20 should be easier. :-D

Oh, and I've pretty much stopped watching "ER" too -- I have it on but am always doing e-mail at the same time. Carter was the big draw for me! (I do have Season 1 on DVD and absolutely love watching those old episodes.)

11:56 AM  
Blogger Kether said...

I loved this list...

but really I stopped by to say

I just saw it in the paper today. apparantly it was given in 2002:


12:12 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

I love how that article is all "oh the poor school district" as if they just got caught in the middle. Come on, if you give small children that survey you should expect to deal with some fallout.

Most likely the Supreme Court will overturn that ruling. The 9th circuit holds the record for cases overturned.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Genevieve said...

I do the same thing with library books. Apparently, they think letting you renew twice should be enough time to read a book.

And I think it's nice you dress the boys up for no reason. My mom used to do that with us when we were little. She said we had so many nice clothes and we outgrew them so quickly, why not use them.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Love your list Amie. I have to work on mine since you tagged me. It may take me awhile, but I will get it done. :D I may have to copy a few items from you since we have some things in common. (4 kids :P)

2:33 PM  
Blogger Princess Ruby said...

Hey, thanks for doing that! Those are so much fun and its fun to read what people say. I think its neat that you dress up the boys. You rarely see that these days! I have yet to sew anything...my sewing machine just sits in my closet.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Wethyb said...

How fun. Great list. Ditto to the Christmas shopping.

6:13 PM  
Blogger sweetisu said...

I love the "NAK". I do that a lot - but find typing to be nearly impossible so I just usually read.

Thanks! It's fun to read tidbits about others. I don't know how you do it with 4 boys and homeschool and still seem to have so much time for other things! Would love to come over for pina colada - my fav drink. I also went to read your "100 things". I'm 5'1 (and a half!) myself, lol.

Yes I did get the diflucan for Fiona. We're mostly better. But remember I had the YI the ENTIRE pregnancy while carrying her?! I never had one before, ever. I think it will take a while before it goes away completely.

1:38 AM  
Blogger Gary & Rocio said...

We read all your list!! and we have things in common! we can see that you are a very active and industrious mom, that's great! I love your sewing! where did u learn? :D

9:18 AM  

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