Saturday, May 28, 2005

Finally...100 Things About Me

1. I'm a Christian, although I don't affiliate myself with any denomination.
2. I'm about 80% Libertarian, 20% Republican
3. Growing up, I couldn't wait to be a mom.
4. I always saw myself with girls though.
5. Now that I have my boys, I wouldn't change a thing.
6. I suffer from migraines with aura.
7. I'm 5'1 (and 3/4s)
8. I like being "petite"
9. I am a redhead
10. I refer to my hair as "copper" not "red" because its not "red".
11. I love to read.
12. "Ramona the Brave" was the first chapter book I read (in 4th grade).
13. I love to sew.
14. I don't scrapbook.
15. I went to Haiti for 2 weeks in 1996 on a short term missions trip.
16. I have never complained about lack of anything (food, money,clothes, space) since.
17. I prefer having a few really close friends to many not-so-close friends.
18. I am very good at making decisions that are not based on emotions.
19. Accuracy is very very important to me, I don't exaggerate.
20. I have a very hard time watching movies at home although I love to watch them in the theatre.
21. English has always been my strongest subject, but not spelling.
22. I love medical/health information.
23. When I was about 12, I read an entire home health encylcopedia.
24. I used to have an irrational fear of going to the doctors.
25. After my first pregnancy, and all those OB appointments, I no longer do.
26. I don't wear jewelry (except my wedding ring)
27. I do love wearing things in my hair though, specially sparkly things.
28. I don't like red meat, although I will eat a very well cooked burger.
29. My mom used to make me meatless pasties ( a regional thing).
30. I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers
31. I worked for a year in high school as a cashier at a grocery store.
32. I don't really enjoy cooking.
33. I do enjoy baking.
34. I love to hang clothes on the line.
35. Pepsi - yes, Coke - no.
36. I like broccoli.
37. I have two associate degrees and one certificate from Lake Superior State University.
38. I love to shop for great deals.
39. I almost always order chicken at a restaruant.
40. I avoid sunlight (the whole redhead thing)
41. I walk a lot, every neighbor I talk to comments on my walking.
42. I own six pair of shoes.
43. I don't own a purse.
44. Until two years ago, I didn't own a hair dryer.
45. I can french braid my own hair.
46. I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for six years.
47. That's not a complaint, I love both.
48. I try to read my Bible everyday. Sometimes I do great...sometimes not.
49. I have never lived more than a couple miles from one of the Great Lakes.
50. I made all the curtains in our home except for the ones in our bedroom.
51. In college I took Advanced Writing for fun ( I was the only one in the class that didn't need it as a requirement).
52. I also took Beginner Piano for fun.
53. I was in the Honors English program at college, however, I needed to take remedial Algebra.
54. Whenever we buy something that needs to be assembled, I usually do it.
55. I love to paint my toenails and wear sandals.
56. I saved many of the stuffed animals from my childhood, the boys love to play with them.
57. I don't like seafood.
58. I like milk chocolate but not dark.
59. I like neutral colors in my home.
60. I love surprises.
61. I rarely eat breakfast.
62. I was a cheerleader my senior year in high school so I could go to all of Jeremiah's basketball games.
63. I don't like action movies.
64. I like taking tests/quizzes.
65. I like lilacs, but not lilac perfumes/lotions.
66. I read at least 3 NEWS sites each day.
67. I rarely cancel/back out of anything.
68. I taught myself how to write basic HTML 8 years ago.
69. I can say "no" to salespeople.
70. I once memorized the Hebrew alphabet.
71. I have listened to Contemporary Christian Music since high school.
72. I couldn't tell you the name of one current Top 40 Song.
73. I like Salt & Vinegar chips.
74. I forgot my own wedding anniversary last year.
75. I never participate in email forwards (petitions, "send this to your 8 best friends" ect...)
76. I had a mole removed from my shoulder 4 years ago.
77. I have no grandparents alive.
78. In Jr. High I used to get checks in the "socializes during class" section of my report card.
79. I had perfect attendance in 8th grade.
80. I missed less than five days of high school.
81. In elementary, I never won ribbons on Track and Field day.
82. I don't believe in love at first sight.
83. I don't believe in karma.
84. I had my first root canal last year, it wasn't that bad.
85. 3rd Grade was my favorite.
86. I'm sodium sensitive, salt raises my blood pressure.
87. I handle the finances.
88. I practice Attachment Parenting.
89. I have terrible handwriting.
90. I have 11 nieces and nephews - 12 in July.
91. I can't wear earrings, my ears are too sensitive.
92. I pay money to download a song instead of buy the whole CD.
93. When I was little my dolls were named Lucy, Diana,Bud and Jennifer.
94. I have been using the same brand of shampoo since high school (I try different brands but always go back to Sauve 2 in 1)
95. I wear my one month disposable contacts for 2 months.
96. In eighth grade I took pictures and developed film for the yearbook.
97. I'm not a good singer.
98. I think my kids are the best in the world (as every mom does).
99. I have no allergies that I am aware of.
100. This list took me four days to write.


Anonymous Sandy said...

What a great list! I knew some things but learned a lot about you. Thanks for sharing it!

8:43 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Great list, Amie! I laughed when you said you forgot your anniversary - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does that :-)

1:37 AM  
Blogger blestwithsons said...

#46! Amen sister! This is the first time in over six years that I have not been pregnant and/or's so weird!!

Congrats on your fourth boy! Boys rock!

5:59 PM  

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