Monday, April 11, 2005

Whats On My Plate This Week, and More...

I have a lot of stuff I want to do this week. I want to make 3 batches of whole wheat pizza dough to freeze. I bought some beautiful material to make new curtains for the living room. I have a couple books I can't wait to start reading (Safely Home by Randy Alcorn and The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger). I want to get air in my bike tires so I can take a few bike rides while my belly still allows it.

Of course there are the routine things. My daily walks (one with the boys, one by myself). Laundry blah blah blah. Church and lunch/play dates with friends and their children. Of course, i'm not sure how much I will actually get done. I should get lots of reading done since I sit outside for hours at a time while the boys play.

I also wanted to share about this book I got from the library (I hope everybody has access to a library as great as ours). Its called Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. It talks about how to find your color palet (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and what colors are right for you. I knew I was an Autumn, as are most redheads, but I wasn't 100% sure on all the colors that look good on Autumns. I have always noticed that Isaac looked terrific in olive greens and browns while Elijah and Samuel look smashing in blue. Isaac is an Autumn while I am pretty sure Elijah and Samuel are Summers (maybe Springs?). Anyways, its a fun book and worth checking out.


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