Friday, March 04, 2005

It was very clear...

...we are having another boy! Another boy! I wasn't really suprised, but kind of. Of course by the end of the ultrasound I was absolutely in love with him. He is measuring exactly on, and is healthy. My placenta is touching my cervix, which isn't good but most likely it will move upwards. I will have another ultrasound later on to make sure it moved. I will post pictures tomorrow, but i'm going to a women's retreat tonight and have to pack.

The boys are excited. Isaac proudly proclamied "we will have four boys!"

At least I won't be spending all of our money at Gymboree :D, goodness knows we need it for food!

Also, neither of us were feeling that we wanted this to be the last, so their is still a little bit of hope for a girl sometime. For now, we will just rejoice in our four boys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, four boys! I'm glad the baby is healthy and growing right on schedule. I'll look forward to ultrasound pictures. :-)

Sandy B.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Choppzs said...

Wow, Congratulations you guys! I can't believe you are having another little boy. But like you said it gives you an excuse to keep going right? I am glad he is doing well and is healthy. Take care of yourself and all those little boys of yours!

12:47 AM  
Anonymous AjKjnTjsMom said...

Congratulations! You definitely will need that money for food. ;) The way my boys eat now.. I always say, "I'll need to take out a loan to put these boys through puberty!" A little part of me hopes that, if we have a fourth, it will be another boy. They are so fun!
I haven't seen you around GCM (or the Queens site). Did you know we have a temp board set up?

Hope things are going well!
Megan (ajkjntjsmom) - the other "wife of Jeremiah and mom of 3 boys"

12:52 AM  

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