Saturday, March 12, 2005

First Haircut

Yesterday, I gave Sammy his very first haircut. He still doesn't have a whole lot of hair, but he had lots of long strands so I decided to buzz it and make it all the same length. He sat still and was very good for the cut (it helps that he has watched his brothers get haircuts countless times). The problem was when I went to collect some hair to save in an envelope, as I saved Isaac and Elijah's first haircuts. There was no hair anywhere...not a tuft to be found. I ended up picking the hairs that stuck to the shirt he was wearing. Afterall, I don't want him asking someday why I don't have hair from his first haircut.


Blogger Choppzs said...

I was just at Fantastic Sams today getting olivia a haircut. I have been debating when to get Zachary's hair cut for the 1st time, since he has soooo much hair and it's getting very long. I decided to wait till his 1st b-day and make it another milestone for him. It's always neat when you can look back at those things in their baby books!

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