Saturday, February 11, 2006

Moms, Trust Those Instincts!

Three things happened last week that boosted the confidence I have in my "mommy instincts".

First, on Wed night Isaac did not want to go to Awana. He would cry when we tried to drop him off. Jeremiah was pretty upset and wanted to talk discipline. I said I thought he was either very tired or not feeling well. I know that Isaac enjoys Awana, even though he is very shy and doesn't talk much. Sure enough, the next day he was running a pretty high temp.

Then on Thursday I brought Jonah for his 6 month (six months!) checkup. I told his doctor I wouldn't be surprised if he had an ear infection. Turns out, both ears were infected. Also at his checkup the nurse wrote down his stats for me. The paper said that he was in the 90th percentile for length, 50th for weight. That just didn't seem right to me. That would mean Jonah is significantly bigger than the other boys were at this age, and he doesn't seem any bigger. This kept nagging at the back of my mind until finally I got out my baby book with the growth charts. Turns out, that she charted him as a 4 month old! Really, he is more like 75th for length, 20th for weight .


Blogger Jennifer said...

You know, I too can tell when my boys are going to be sick the next day too.
Dave too will get irritated when especially Logan is being naughty and emotional. It's just something that you feel, being the mom and all. And yes, like you, I'm usually right about that one!!
Way to listen to yourself!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Wethyb said...

You go girl. More often times than not we underestimate our instincts. Way to hit the nail on the head.

Hope Issac's feeling better soon!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Choppzs said...

Yep, I to can tell when the kids are goiing to be sick. Chris is always saying "How did you know that?" You go by gut feelings, and more often enough, prior experiences (you know? the facial expression before the barf, or the temperment before bedtime lol)It amazes me sometimes, but always makes me feel like a great mom!!!

10:52 AM  
Blogger tammara said...

You are so right on! It baffles me when doctors (and husbands, lol) try to be "logical" against a mother's intuition. My first instance of this was with my oldest. I was 24 and knew nothing about babies, but I knew something was wrong. He cried and cried every time he nursed. They said, "You are just a stressed new mother." ARGH. After several visits, we finally got another doctor who said, "His whole mouth is covered - he has thrush. Must be very painful to nurse..." The good thing was that it told me to trust my own instincts, period. I am Momma, hear me roar!

(Trust me, when they are teenagers, your intuition will still serve you well. Keep it honed!)

12:46 PM  

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