Wednesday, November 23, 2005

School Days...

This is a meme I got from Jamie's blog.

Kindergarten - I remember being proud of my first report card, all "Satisfactorys". My dad says the first day he dropped me off at school he watched my cousin Mark hold a door open for me, but independent little me went and opened another door for myself.

1st grade - I did not like my teacher one bit. I remember reading 100 books to earn my "I read 100 books" t-shirt. All in all, I don't have many fond memories of 1st grade.

2nd Grade - I remember another girl accused me of taking one of her markers and I told her "Anyways, Jesus knows I didn't take it!" :D I remember our teacher would hold mock trials when kids got in trouble. I think this was the year I was in 4-H.

3rd Grade - This was my favorite year! Our teacher was awesome. He used to read from a book of Abraham Lincoln qoutes every morning. He would also read us books like James and the Giant Peach and Witches by Ronald Dahl. Our class was responsible for raising and lowering the flag every day. I remember learning about ecomonics already . We sold M&M's to raise money to go to Marquette for a night which even included a steak dinner. I remember a boy in my class got sprayed by a skunk on his way to school.

4th Grade - I remember doing a report about Wisconsin. I remember being threatened by a girl twice my size, can't remember what for. I remember going to Pizza Hut for our Book It! pizza party at the end of the year.

5th Grade - Another fun year. I remember a lot of passing notes with my friends. Lots of sleepovers. I remember my teacher reading Call it Courage aloud to us. (Note to teachers: see how memorable reading to your class is?). I remember playing soccer at almost every recess. This is the year I went to AWANA at my friend's church. I earned a little trophy one month for being "clubber of the month" or something. I also remember the presidential elections. Our school was right next to a polling station. Me and one friend spelled out "BUSH" by walking in the snow. My other friend tried to spell "DUKAKIS" but didn't finish before recess was over.

6th Grade - This was the year that started late because of a teacher's strike. I remember one of my very best friends moved away. Like Jamie, I remember going to sixth grade camp.

7th Grade - I loved my science class. I remember trying out for cheerleading and not making it, LOL they probably couldn't even hear me. I think I spent most of 7th grade with my nose in a book.

8th Grade - I remember getting buddy pictures with Risa and another friend. Science class was basically social hour. Me and Risa were very into Anne of Green Gables that year, we discussed those books endlessly.

9th Grade - I remember a lot of Duke and a lot of Bobby Hurley (I'm sure Kim remembers this phase!). One of our teachers used to have quizzes every friday based on that week's news. I always knew the answers to the college basketball questions. Sad to say, thats about all I remember of ninth grade. A blur of college basketball.

10th Grade - Another awesome year. This is the year that a certain somebody caught my attention when he made the varsity basketball team as a freshman (I guess I just had a thing for basketball players :D) 13 years ago this month Jeremiah and I started going steady. This was also the year I took Spanish via satellite. SO much fun. This is also the year that I took Child development and had to carry around a "flour sack baby" for three days. I named my Charlotte Miranda. My love for sewing started this year when I took clothing and textiles. I'm so glad I took that class.

11th Grade - I worked at a grocery store this year. Jeremiah and I went to my jr. prom (something I decided was WAY overrated and opted not to go to my senior prom). I remember my English Literature class read the play "Our Town" out loud, and I read the part of Emily. I remember being with my friend when she hit a deer the VERY DAY she got her license. She was giving me a ride home and of course we were taking the long way. I was a camp counselor for the sixth grade camp.

12th Grade - I was a teacher's aide for 1st grade. I used to read them stories every day and correct their little worksheets. I noticed certain things working with first graders, and thats actually when the first thoughts of homeschooling started. I also helped with Kindergarten screening for the next years kindergarten class. I got to screen my own little sister. I made the National Honors Society. Risa and I started a Bible club at school. I really enjoyed, and did well in my Creative Writing class. Again, I was a camp counselor for sixth grade camp. Jeremiah and I were lab partners in Anatomy and Physiology (my favorite class EVER). I've never let him forget that I did better :D

This was fun! I hope to see it on other blogs.


Blogger Gary & Rocio said...

LOL "Jesus knows i didn't take it" LOL now stand on a mountain and call down fire and then ride off in a chariot of fire lol. I tell ya, the things we do as kids LOL and it seems you girls have a thing with markers :oS what's up with that? lol

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

I can't believe you remember all that. It is so much fun to read your blog, it sparks my own memories of school. Some good some bad. I so remember the days of DUKE and still cheer them on. Silently, I hope one of my girls will go to school there, even though we invest in a MESP. hehe

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Hudson said...

Hey I was just reading your entries and thought that they were pretty neat! But anyways im going to go now so Byee!


12:07 PM  

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