Saturday, June 04, 2005

Busy Stuff

We had a beautiful week here. Perfect 70 degree weather almost every day. We were pretty much outside all day, every day. Jeremiah even brought the boys to the beach once. Isaac has finally took an interest in riding a bike. We went for walks around the block twice a day so he could ride his bike. Its a bike that his cousin Johnny handed down to him, and he looks so big on it! I have finally been getting some work done in the yard. Last summer my plan was to really focus on the yard this year, of course I wasn't really expecting to be having a baby in July!

Alas, its suppose to rain all weekend, so its time to switch gears. I'm going to start removing the border in the boys room (they already ripped half of it down), then I will touch up the paint in there so we can have new carpeting put in. The carpet in their room is in sorry shape, not to mention they have been tearing out the carpet pad!

Sooooo....on that note I think I will go get started on that border.


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