Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Incredible Growing Ear

On Saturday evening Elijah was bit behind his ear by some bug. He has a tendancy to react strongly to bites. Sunday morning I noticed his ear looked like it was sticking out a bit but I thought it was his hair making it look that way (he really needs a haircut). A couple hours later as we were dropping him off at Children's Church I noticed it was sticking out even more, giving him an Opie-like appearance. Later that afternoon it morphed from Opie to Ross Perot. Benedryl didn't do anything. Some internet research reassured us that its normal for ears to swell from bug bites. Yesterday it was back to Opie, and finally today he is back to our regular Elijah :D Now I wish I would of taken a picture.


Blogger Choppzs said...

Olivia reacts the same way to bug bites. When she gets bit by mosquitos, it swells to about the size of a half dollar, turns black and blue, and is hard as a rock. I once took her in because she had them all over her legs from playing outside and the doctors said it was pretty normal for kids to be allergic to bug bites and to just comfort them with anti-itch meds and tylenol. Poor guy, it's horrible to be bitten!

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Uh! Josiah picks his bug bites- so he looks like a monster with marks all over him. It seems as soon as one heals up he gets another and the cycle starts again. And of course they are always on the face where everybody sees them! The gnats down here are awful so it seems they are always eating him.

4:54 PM  

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