Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Recap...

It was wonderful to be with family for Christmas, this was the first time since Isaac was a newborn. We were hoping to see more family, but since Jeremiah's dad is out of town we didn't make it to Baraga.
  • The food... My mom spent the week baking, baking and baking some more. Cookies, fudge, chocolate ball thingees, cinnamon rolls, cheese cake...I ate and ate and ate some more.
  • Cousins...The boys and Riley played together all day every day. Although, even after a sraight week of playing with a girl, Elijah still refered to her as a "he".
  • Christmas day...was great. A little crazy. People handing kid's gifts left and right. Wrapping paper everywhere. I haven't seen Christmas morning like that since my brothers and sisters and I were little. Jeremiah and I did not overdo it with the boys gifts and i'm so glad because my sister and brother got them tons of things too.
  • Last year I was wondering if I would have a daughter to buy American Girl stuff for this Christmas, which of course I didn't. However, I got American Girl perfume from my sister which I love! :D
  • Jeremiah and I got to go and see The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on Monday. We both really enjoyed it. We took Jonah with us, and he was very good.
  • Yesterday, my dad came home from work and showed me an ad in the local circular for a store going out of business. You could fill up a bag for $10. This was a Ben Franklin type of store and they had craft stuff, sewing notions and fabric! I filled up a bag to the brim. I felt like I was robbing them. I shared half of the stuff (mostly fabric) with my mom who was working and couldn't make it to the sale.
  • Last night we packed an insane amount of stuff in our non-extended back minivan. I had hoped to bring Riley back with us for awhile, but there was no way we could fit another person and more luggage.
  • My brother's girlfriend (of 2 years) is great! I was kind of hoping there would of been a Christmas proposal but there wasn't.
  • Unlike our trip up there in September, I took tons of photos this time! :D


Anonymous Sandy said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm so glad you could spend Christmas with your family!!

10:15 AM  
Blogger Princess Ruby said...

Yep, sounds like you guys had fun! It must have been nice spending so much time at 'home' with your family! Seeing your brothers and sisters and all.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Your Christmas sounds perfect. We would have loved to see you all in Baraga!!! Kim was here too. Their Expedition was load much like yours when they headed home this morning. It breaks my heart to see them leave and can imagine that your mom feels the same. Love to all. Sue

4:02 PM  
Blogger Genevieve said...

sounds like you guys had a great holiday! the pictures are adorable.

10:05 AM  

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