Thursday, December 30, 2004


It seems everybody in our family has made some fun and exciting discoveries over the holiday season.

- Jeremiah and I discovered fondu. Our friends thru a very fun (and very delicious) fondu party.

- Isaac discovered Books on Tape. There is nothing more precious than finding your boys in their room sitting together quietly following the story and turning the pages everytime they hear *BEEP*. The one drawback is they want to listen to the story in the van everytime we go somewhere.

- Elijah discovered pistachio nuts. He would bring me pistachios by the handful and say "open these please".

- Samuel discovered chocolate and egg nog! Dark chocolate and soy nog that is.


Blogger Andrea said...

Neat post! Sounds like you all really enjoyed the holidays. Happy New Year Amie!

2:28 AM  

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